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World of Tanks

Get ready to polish your boots, throw on your kit, and hit the field in Tank Football 2016 May 30, 2016 — Keep your ears peeled for the ref’s whistle because the special in-game event Tank Football 2016 will be taking to the field from June 10. In this event, which will be on for nearly a month, 3-vs-3 teams compete to score the most goals in a seven minute match. With no feet, players must use th...[Read More]

Battlefild 1 aircraft insider knowledge

Discovering the aircraft within Battlefield 1 23rd May 2016 We have been extensively combing through EA’s Battlefield 1 trailer to try and figure out the types of aircraft it shows which gives us a massive insight into what we will get in the finished game when it comes out on October the 21st 2016. Using a combination of Wikipedia, Google image search and a mild obsession with all things that fly...[Read More]

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